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Three Pounds

Throwing up six times in eight hours–and avoiding that huge list of non-kosher-for-Passover foods all week–yielded a loss of three pounds at Weight Watchers this week. I know bulimia is a terrible, tragic thing, and I know it’s probably a sign that my psyche needs adjusting, but the fact that I lost more weight this […]

Jello and Rice for Passover

Jello and Rice for Passover

Have you ever had a stomach virus so violent you collapsed on the bathroom floor after each round, grateful that the cool tiles took the edge off your feverish body? Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, I started to feel queasy. Didn’t think too much of it, kept working, even had a brief business meeting […]

A Visit from an Old Friend

I had a glass of wine last night. Cabernet, deep and rich and smooth and luscious. No hives! If you offered me a million dollars I couldn’t explain why my allergy seems to be abating, but I’ve never given up hope that it would. So I’ve been trying, here and there, to reintroduce wine to […]

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