6 responses to “Guest Post: Julie’s Salted Nutroll Cupcakes”

  1. Aileen

    At last, a diagnosis for my "illness"! Your Liam sounds wonderful, and so do those cupcakes (though ours will be peanut free). Thanks for sharing!

  2. thatnolenchick

    I swear candy corn is stalking me. It's everywhere I go these days. Do you think a restraining order will keep it at bay? Because otherwise I'll be forced to eat it all.

    Those cupcakes look awesome.

  3. Julie

    Candy corn is part devil, isn't it?

    Aileen, I wondered about peanut allergies or just general nut aversions. Thankfully candy corn is tough enough to stand alone (see devil comment;) I hope you enjoy!

    Another huge thanks to Debbie for the space. And for the book, and for all of the recipe and cooking help over the years.

  4. Betsey

    I had to try it and it's delicious! Being a rugged individualist I made it was an 8×8 square cake and was too lazy to make the frosting (I know, that's pretty f-ing lazy)…but it's still wonderful! worth fantasizing about al day. I can't wait to have it with my coffee in the morning.

  5. Julie

    I like your lazy, Betsey. May have to try that one myself;)

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