4 responses to “Oh, Christmas Tree?”

  1. Ellen

    I think it’s beautiful! There’s something about this season that no matter what your faith, makes you want to give joy to others, and I think you’ll have succeeded. I’m Catholic, and we don’t have a tree yet either! We focus on our Advent wreath and other preparations/decorations, and Santa brings the tree on Christmas Eve along with the gifts. It helps us keep the commercialism to a minimum if there aren’t wrapped presents sitting around, and it ups the excitement Christmas morning. 🙂

  2. Alicia C.

    We’re not an interfaith family but we participate in the cultural aspects of holidays other than our own while explaining the religious significance those holidays hold for other families.

    For example, we do not light a menorah but we make latkes, donuts, and other food together and tell the story of the miracle of Hanukkah and explain what may be done to celebrate in Jewish households and why.

    I don’t think it sends mixed signals. I think it reaffirms to my children that just as our faith is important to us, different faiths are equally important to different people around the country and world, and helps my children to be well educated and compassionate members of a diverse society.

  3. Jay

    That is a silly article. My husband wasn’t Jewish when we married, and our ritual for years was that we started an excruciating conversation sometime in mid-November about whether or not we were going to have a tree. I was willing to do it if he wanted it, and it was always his decision as far as I was concerned. He knew it didn’t feel right to me. The year he decided to study for conversion we said “OK, no more Christmas trees”…and then his family descended on us for Christmas and we had one last tree. When our daughter was little, he took her to his mother’s for Christmas – I always work. At 14, she’s all in for Chanukah and enjoys Christmas as her friend’s houses.

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