The Disaster in Southeast Asia

I have very little insight or eloquence to offer right now, so I’ll just post a few links:

Some kind and wise blogger has set up this site as a clearinghouse for information.

Here is a list of organizations accepting donations.

A good friend of mine is in Bali right now, visiting her fiance’s family. From all the information I’ve been able to find, it seems as if the devastation stretched mostly away from where she is. I assume she’s safe, but until I hear from her I’ll worry. She’s not due back until February. UPDATE: I just got an email from my friend, and she said they’re all fine; Bali wasn’t hit. I can relax a little, but I can’t stop thinking about how many others there are all over the world who don’t know where their loved ones are. Who may not know for months, if ever.

I’m not a particularly religious person, but I’ve been praying for the millions of people affected by this. It seems like the least I can do (that, and donating money until my wallet’s empty).