Petition Bush to Increase Our Pathetic $35 Million Aid

I’m embarrassed, I’m chagrined, and most of all I’m pissed off that our government has committed a whopping $35 million to SE Asia. This after been shamed by the international community for an initial pledge of only $15MM. $35 million is less than the annual budget of most small towns, I’d guess. Who are they fucking kidding?

I got an email from Act for Change this morning, with a link to their online petition. It says:

“I have just read that the United States has pledged $35 million for tsunami relief. While I applaud this initial pledge, the need will be far, far greater. Secretary of State Colin Powell and UN representatives have estimated that billions may be needed for the relief effort, and initial estimates for food aid alone are $30 million.

“As one of the world’s wealthiest and most prosperous nations, the United States should step up to that leadership role by increasing its aid pledge significantly and by urging all nations to donate as much as they can in terms of funds, food and other aid support.

“Please immediately increase the United States’ aid pledge for tsunami relief. Lives depend upon it.”

You can sign it here.