If you haven’t gotten around to making your puff pastry creation for next week’s Sugar High Friday, hosted by Clement at A La Cuisine, get your hands on a copy of the February Kitchen & Cook newsletter, published by the Culinary Institute of America. I recently subscribed and finally had a chance to thumb through it, my first issue. There’s plenty of interesting stuff in there–techniques for infusing steamed vegetables with flavor (extremely handy for me and my Weight-Watching self), an interesting look at baking with chocolate (extremely tempting for my wanting-to-not-Weight-Watch self), and a really useful piece on lemongrass, an herb I’d love to cook with but have always been afraid of (so maybe it’ll suit both of my selves?). And most timely of all, a step-by-step, illustrated guide to making puff pastry. I’m pretty sure I’ll be skipping this month’s SHF–there’s just no way to make something so buttery work while I’m trying to lose weight–but if you’re curious, the article strikes me as being extremely thorough.

(And apologies for going so long without a post–it’s been a hell of a week, and I didn’t cook once. Hopefully I’ll get some time over the weekend, but I’ve got a major freelance project due so even that’s looking unlikely…)