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Did Somebody Say “Binge”?

Raise your hand if the first thing you thought when you saw this article was Great, now I can eat the whole package!

Yeah, me too. If City Bakery’s chocolate chip cookies are my upscale downfall, Chips Ahoy are my . . . downscale downfall? Seriously, I’m not sure I can allow these babies into my home. They’re dangerous, I tell you, dangerous.

UPDATE 9/19/05:

I saw them at the supermarket over the weekend. Man, it was tough to put that package back, but a side-by-side comparison with both full-fledged Chips Ahoy and the Reduced Fat version made it clear that you’re not really gaining all that much by buying these. Essentially we’re talking about 10 calories and 1 gram of fiber. Sooo not worth it.

Not to mention that S doesn’t even like Chips Ahoy (I know, I was aghast too when he told me), so if I were to buy a bag, I’d definitely eat the whole thing myself. Sigh.

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