A Slew of New Links

It’s been far too long since I updated my lists o’ links. The other day, I finally added a bunch more, including:

All Cupcakes, All the Time: What more do I need to say?
Mona’s Apple: Lots of great NYC restaurant stuff
Snack: This one’s fairly high-profile, full of great insidery info on the restaurant world
Williamsburger: Another food blog from my neighborhood!
Bad Things: Sassy
Cookies in Heaven: I always find something to think about here
Delicious! Delicious!: Gorgeous photographs and fun commentary. A few too many exclamation points, perhaps…
efoodie: Simple, lovely, more about words than pictures
Eggbeater: A West coast pastry chef’s thoughts on food. Plenty of attitude, in a good way
Food Talk: Host of my upcoming Thanksgiving dinner–this man knows sumthin’ about food, people
The Food Whore: Sometimes she’s so funny I snort coffee out my nose
Not Martha: An always-interesting collection of snippets on food, crafts, and, well, stuff

There’s also 360eats, a new aggregator of food porn–worth checking out on a regular basis.

This isn’t all of the new ones, of course, so knock yourself out and click around them purdy links on the left side there. Just beneath the Site Index. Yeah, there.