Just in Time for Overeating Season: Diet Blogs

Just in Time for Overeating Season: Diet Blogs

If you’ve found Words to Eat By through my feature in the January issue of Fitness, welcome! (If you’re a regular reader: pick up the January Fitness and turn to page 62. That piece on diet blogs? I wrote it.)

Here’s a quick list of links to the diet blogs I wrote about—they’re all smart, and often funny, and packed with information and general wiseassedness:

Fitness Blogs (click on the “links” to see more than 500 diet blogs!)
The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl
Do You Have That in My Size?
Mr. Ointy

In addition to these four, I also interviewed a handful of other bloggers who unfortunately were edited out of the final article (damn those word counts!). Each gave generously of his or her time and energy, and I was sorry to lose their contributions. They are:

Jim at Diet-Blog
Coleen at Weight Challenged
Tracy at Health Diaries
Erin at Lose the Buddha (although it looks like she’s just closed up shop)
Yvonne at Hope Is the Thing

As for me and Words to Eat By, I hope you’ll stay and poke around a little (and come back to visit from time to time). As you’ll see, this isn’t strictly a diet blog—it’s more of a food blog, really, and I just happen to do a lot of healthy cooking. There’s a site index here, in which the diet-bloggy posts are listed here. Most of the recipes, even for dishes that sound pretty decadent, are still relatively light—I habitually cook that way now, so I’ll almost always adjust and substitute to reduce fat and overall calories. (But watch out—there are a handful of ringers in there, recipes I made for special events, etc, and didn’t lighten for various reasons. If you see a lot of butter, oil, or whole eggs, that’s one to stay away from!)

If you’re curious about me, I’d recommend checking out my three “get-to-know-me” posts: Fat Debbie, Hot Debbie, and Debbie.