When Harry Met Sammy

When Harry Met Sammy

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Harry Mose is already almost seven weeks old, and things are just starting to take on something like a sense of normalcy. Stephen and I aren’t getting much sleep, and Harry and I have had tons of problems with breastfeeding, but other than that our boy is thriving and happy. He’s smiling at us regularly, and learning to appreciate things like his Gymini playmat–he’s becoming a little person!

Today he finally had an official meet-and-greet with Samuel, our cat. (Samuel’s brother Mose, one of HM’s namesakes, died over the summer.) Until now Samuel’s been standoffish with HM, and has jumped off the bed whenever we’ve tried to introduce them. But today, at last, we laid HM next to Samuel and it seems…

they hit it off! Well, at least Samuel didn’t run away–but HM clearly realized there was something nice and soft and fluffy next to him, and was delighted by it. Yes, that’s me you hear, babbling like an idiot.

Still not a lot of cooking going on, so I’m sorry that there’s no food being discussed here (does the mention of breastfeeding count?). Soon, I hope…