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Here’s a Contest I’ll Never Win

Cookie magazine is running a cake-decorating contest. Send them a pic of your best effort, and you could win some groovy prizes!

How do I know I’ll never win? Reason #1: I took a cake decorating class last week at the Brooklyn Kitchen, and this was my result:

It ain’t pretty, that’s for sure. Lord knows how I’m going to pull off the Handy Manny cake (complete with Manny, his toolbox, and all his tools) that junior has demanded–uh, requested–for his birthday two weeks from now.

Reason #2: This speaks for itself.

I have many skills, and I know that. But cake decorating is most definitely not one of them.

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh My God – this is so funny! You've made my day… I'm really bad at cake decoration myself and it was great to see that a specialist like you finds it difficult as well. 🙂
    Reader from Austria

  2. Andrew's Mom

    Thank you. I'm sitting here crying – it's a long story — and you made me laugh. Too funny. Handy Manny – use fondant to make cut out tools – or cookies in the shape of the tools – etc. I've also made chocolate molds of items on wax paper – with candy melts – easier to do than pipe. You can do it!

  3. debbie koenig

    Thanks, guys! I'm so glad I made you laugh! Andrew's Mom, I hope whatever made you cry clears up PDQ.

  4. Ellyn Canfield

    Oh my…ALL the tools?
    I can name them now, but I don't think I could EVER make them out of frosting.

  5. oh_snap!

    In one of my past lives I was a cake decorator & I LOVED it. It's totally one of those things that you get better at as you do. You know, like crossword puzzles.

  6. debbie koenig

    Ellyn, I'm so glad you know all the tools now, and so is Harry! It's a valuable life skill, you know.

    And snap, you're right, I must practice! This weekend I'm hoping to do a Handy Manny run-through on parchment paper, but just the thought of mixing up all those difft colors of frosting is intimidating. Oy.

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