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Who Knew? October is National Cookie Month

I’ve been asleep at the wheel this week, and I apologize. I’ve been cooking up a storm (as my Facebook fans know, because they get a sneak peek) but haven’t had time to write up posts & recipes.

Buuuut, I just heard some exciting news: October is National Cookie Month! I feel like celebrating, don’t you? Here’s a rundown of cookie recipes from Words to Eat By, ranked in order of my own preference:

The Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Entire World
Some-Moas (Yes, that’s right, these are homemade Girl Scout cookies, Samoas to be precise.)
Chewy Cocoa Fudge Cookies
Black and White Cookies
Chocolate Cappuccino Wafers
Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Pizzelles
Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies with Pecans, Raisins, and Chocolate Chips
Scottish Shortbread

These I’ve made and they’re FANTASTIC; forgive me but it was during my hiatus so I didn’t blog about them: Homemade Oreos from Smitten Kitchen. They’re pictured above: vanilla, chocolate, and mint!

And here’s my current To-Try list from other blogs, this time in no particular order:
Chocolate Toffee Cookies with Toasted Pecans from Baking and Books
Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies from Joy the Baker
Chocolate Chunkers from Dorie Greenspan
Carrot Oatmeal Cookies from 101 Cookbooks
Mocha Truffle Cookies from Sweetnicks

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  1. Alexandra Grabbe

    I'm going to try the gingersnaps, my Swedish husband's favorite. Unusual to see applesauce as one of the ingredients. Thanks for posting this cookie round-up!

  2. marthaandme

    Great round up. I'm going to try the chocolate chip. I've read in other places that chilling the dough is key but have never tried it (who can shut cookie dough in the fridge and ignore it? Not me)

  3. Sheryl Kraft

    Well, I'm not a baker…but I do love cookies. So, if someone has some left-overs, I'd be happy to pay for shipping 🙂 They all sound soooo good!

  4. Stephanie -

    Now that's a special occasion I can get behind! 😉

  5. ReadyMom

    Oh, I'm excited to try some of your recipes. I still haven't found that perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (and yes, I've tried the Mrs. Field's one). I'll have to try yours!

    Yeah, cookie month.

  6. jenhaupt

    This was worth waiting for! Glad you're back, Debbie.

  7. Jennifer Margulis

    I want to try these all too! I'll tweak them to use whole grain flour and agave. Alexandra, I have an amazing ginger snap recipe from West Africa with real ginger in it. In French, which you can understand! Dites-moi si vous le voulez!!

  8. Susan Johnston

    Wow, October is National Cookie Month?! I'll certainly have to do some celebrating.

  9. The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    National Cookie Month is something I could have been celebrating all this time! Love the links. Thanks, and welcome back 🙂

  10. dining room set

    I have been celebrating with cookies for months! haha I really love cookies and they always eases me whenever I am stressed. Thanks to those cookies!

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