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Words to Eat By Is a Babble Nibbler!

Have you heard? Babble, the uber-popular parenting web site, has started a new food section. And as part of that food section, they’ve created a blog called Nibblers, and chosen a (sizable) handful of parent/food bloggers to contribute material. Words to Eat By is one of them.

If you’re already a regular reader here you won’t find anything new from me over there; they’re using my existing blog posts (this afternoon they posted my Chicken Pot Pie recipe). But take a look anyway. If you’re a parent, you’ll find recipes and ideas from other blogs, and maybe you’ll even find some new favorites! I’ve already found several.

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  1. Jennifer Margulis

    VERY cool. So is Almost Slowfood. You guys both rock!

  2. marthaandme

    That's great. Should be good exposure for you.

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