Choking Hazard, Shmoking Hazard

It’s been a guest-post-palooza around here lately, hasn’t it? Well, now I’m returning the favor. Check out my post on Denise Schipani’s Confessions of a Mean Mommy (source of this great guest post on kids and their favorites): It’s all about the many, many ways in which I’ve endangered Harry’s life just by feeding him.

How careful (or not) are you when it comes to choking hazards and preschoolers?

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  1. One Hungry Mama

    I LOVE this post. Funny and so true! Anyway, choking (not seriously, folks) is a critical part of learning the mechanics of eating. I just went to my son's 9 mos check up and our dr reminded me that it would take something pretty seriously big (like a large green grape) to dangerously obstruct his airways. Otherwise, it's pretty much…. choking, schmoking. 🙂 Thanks for this, Debbie!

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