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High Plains Bison: It’s What’s for Dinner

A few minutes ago, the doorbell rang. Deadline Hell Week continues (I know, it’s supposed to be seven days, but such is life) so I asked Stephen if he could get it. Except when Stephen’s in his office with the a/c on he can’t hear me, so when I said “asked” you should know that meant “shouted at the top of my lungs.” And still he didn’t hear me. So I got up and dragged myself down the hall and out our apartment door, grumbling the whole time about how ridiculous it is that I always have to answer the doorbell. Yes, these are the things that get my goat.

And then I opened the front door, to find the FedEx man holding this:

It’s for me. A big ol’ box of bison meat, courtesy of High Plains Bison. I forgave Stephen immediately.

Inside were three sweet little cartons, packed with dry ice: Ribeye Steaks, Italian Sausage, and Hot Dogs (score! My kid, he loves hot dogs). Bison is seriously low in fat and cholesterol (like, lower than chicken!), which makes it 100% Weight Watchers friendly. Tonight we’re feasting on steak, baby, and naturally I’ll report back here. Since it just arrived I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to serve with it, though.


PS I almost forgot: High Plains provided a discount code to use when ordering. It’ll get you 20% off, which ain’t bad. Just please note that although you’ll add the code, EATGOOD22, on the cart page, the discount won’t show up until the billing page. Just have a little faith, and all will be well.

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  1. ~M

    I wonder if the Italian sausage couldn't somehow become part of a meatball mixture.

    I use ground bison sometimes and it's great!

  2. Anonymous

    The Steaks are going to be great. Maybe try the sausage sauteed with peppers and onions.

  3. debbie koenig

    The steaks were, indeed, great! Blog post coming soon.

    Still deciding what to do w/the sausages. They're with provolone & pepperoncini, an interesting combo.

  4. Anonymous

    I use them in spaghetti

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