Linkety Split: Facebook Fans Edition

There are so many reasons to become a Facebook fan of Words to Eat By: The chitchat, the sneak peeks at upcoming posts, the chance to get recipes from the cookbook before my editor sees them…

Even if you’re already a fan, you may not have noticed the nice little blogroll-type thingy happening on the Discussions page, where I’ve invited everyone to introduce their own blogs. Here are the first bunch, with the blogger’s own description; there’s some fun stuff here, so click on through! And of course, add your own blog to the discussion.

Playing with My Dinner: Fun and games in the kitchen with a real-life working mom. Real food, real family schedules, really simple.

Dinners for a Year: Bringing families back to the dinner table, one recipe at a time. Tried and true dinner recipes – family and friend tested – that are easy to prepare that are a little unique. Stop by to get a few ideas for dinner at your house.

Foodie with Family: Feed your passion!

We Say Relax: Mine’s an everything blog, but with a big emphasis on EATING + DRINKING. Contributors are my friends: B+B bakers, librarians, film folks, restaurant people, teachers, event planners + (ahem) a few mommies. Recipes, party ideas, dishes we love, cool photography, horror movies songs, travel, kid stuff, etc.

You Can Get Fit: Mine’s a fitness blog, but more of an emphasis on food and nutrition these days.

Spoonfed: I’ve got Spoonfed: Raising kids to think about the food they eat. It’s all about raising kids to understand where their food comes from, how it affects their bodies and why it all matters.

Streaming Gourmet: We risk disaster so you don’t have to.

The Heritage Cook: I love sharing the lessons my grandmother taught me in the kitchen – and lots of great recipes!

Toad Hill Gardens: We share history, food as history, gardening, hunting, farming for self-sustenance, floral design and animal loving! A full mixture for the connoisseur of good reading!

Mama Stephf: I write about my culinary adventures as I take cooking classes from expert chefs, do cooking spots on local t.v. stations, and, most importantly, feed my three teenage sons!