You are currently viewing Holiday Goodies Week: Anomia Giveaway!

Holiday Goodies Week: Anomia Giveaway!

Holy cow, you guys, this has to be one of the posts I was most looking forward to writing, and it’s the last post of Holiday Goodies Week to boot, but I’ve run out of time! It’s Wednesday morning as I write this; we’re heading out the door for my in-laws’ and I need to get this up and scheduled before I go…

My friends Andrew and Jody have created a seriously awesome game. A game for grownups, like Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit, but even more raucous and fun. A word game, but not one that requires SAT words. It’s called Anomia, which is the fancy term for those times when a word’s on the tip of your tongue but you just.can’ It’s all about categories, and speed. And it’s a huge hit: Anomia is a 2010 Mensa Select winner (that’s the big prize in the game world, awarded to the games the uber-players most enjoyed), and it was named Best Party Game of 2010 by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association. Geekmom loved it, too.

Peeps, I gave this game as gifts last Christmas, to great acclaim. Anomia is addictive, and eye-opening, and ice-breaking. And Andrew and Jody have agreed to let me do their first-ever giveaway!

Simply leave a comment below by 10 AM EST on Wednesday, December 1, to be entered. I’ll use to select a winner. And I guarantee, that winner will have a hard time deciding whether to use the prize as a gift, or keep it for him- or herself.

Well, that’s it, my lovelies. Holiday Goodies Week has come to an end. I hope you had as much fun making discoveries as I did. Now, on to the Big Holidays: latkes next week, and candied bacon in less than a month!

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  1. Jennifer

    That game looks like fun. 🙂

  2. sarah

    Looks like lots of fun – I would definitely keep it for myself! Haha…

  3. Darlene

    Oh, I love games, especially word games. This game looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  4. Korie

    I was just putting together a Christmas wish list of board games and saw this on Amazon. Would love a copy, it sounds like a blast! I am a board game fiend and have gotten my friends hooked too. We have game nights at least once a month.

    Good luck to your friends. The reviews look great, looks like they have a winner on their hands.

  5. ruth pennebaker

    A new word game — please sign me up!

  6. NoPotCooking

    My family would love this! I buy one game every Christmas for them

  7. Christine

    This sounds like a very clever game!

  8. Jesse

    Oh I've been wanting this game for a while now!

  9. Chris

    Looks like a great game for the holidays!

  10. growfamilygrow

    The reviews do look tremendous for this. What a fabulous giveaway! Fingers crossed.

  11. b2

    I went to buy it at Boing in JP, but they were out. : /. So, maybe I can win one?

  12. Alisa Bowman

    I love everything to do with words. This is one board game I would like to play.

  13. TinaW

    this totally looks like fun!

  14. katie m.

    looks awesome! thanks for doing this.

  15. Lindsay

    Oh, fun! Our Thanksgiving included a lot of down time while waiting a few extra hours for the meal to finish. A game would have been perfect!

  16. Zoo Mommy

    Ooooh, looks like so much fun! We are always on the lookout for new games around here.

  17. Joanna

    Awesome, and I know exactly who to give it to!

  18. Annie PHE

    I think it sounds great!

  19. Jen

    Looks fun!

  20. Adriana

    It sounds like so much fun!

  21. Amy

    That sounds like it'd be right up my alley.

  22. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    This looks like the perfect game for my word-nerd family (we need something else to break the Trivial Pursuit tradition!) so I'm crossing my fingers for the win.

  23. Robert Maidenberg

    I love word games! My fave all time is Scrabble, but now that it's on several sites, I'm too lazy to play the manual one! Oh, please, can I have the anomia game? It looks wonderful…and by the way, I've made the apple cake at least six times in the past six weeks, the overnight oatmeal, and the short ribs…your recipes are amazing!!! Oh, please, can I win the game??? Love your blog!

  24. Anonymous

    Oh, please, please, pick me, pick me! (I know a guy that hides in a close rack at a certain store and yells that!)…love your blog, love your recipes (apple cake I made at least six times and passed the recipe to at least three friends…yum!)…I'd love to have a game of anomia! Keep up the good work! (pick meeeeee!)

  25. Liz

    LOVE word games like this. Hope I'm the winner (don't worry, you won't have to post it to the UK, you can send it to my in-laws in Dublin, Ohio, if I win!!! – pretty please?!?!)

  26. Jeff Phillips

    If Mensa liked it, how can I say no. 😉

  27. Kristin

    Me me me! please randomly pick me. I would love a new word game and I've heard how great this one is.

  28. Melanie @ Frugal Kiwi

    I'm in! On the rare occasion that I buy games, I generally go for Mensa awarded ones. Anomia looks to be right up our alley.

  29. julie

    me me me! I bought the game for my dad and stepmom, but not for myself, and dang, I want it!!!

  30. Jane Bonacci

    Oooh Debbie, this game would be perfect for me and my family! I hope I win it, and if not, I think I'll just have to go out and buy a copy anyway, LOL! Thanks for setting up this give-away!

  31. Erika

    I am always looking for a new game to play and this looks fun!!

  32. amy

    I love games, and I've seen Anomia before and thought it looked great. 🙂

  33. OnlyMe3074

    A new game would be a welcome addition around here and this one looks challenging!

  34. Mandy

    I love games… and geeky word games are even better!

  35. Jane Boursaw

    What a fun game! This would definitely be a keeper for me.

  36. NoPotCooking

    My family would love this!

  37. Cass

    This would be awesome for our annual new years eve game night!!

  38. Susan Johnston

    Ooo, my boyfriend and I love Scrabble, so I bet we'd enjoy this game, too. 🙂

  39. kris bordessa

    Oh, we're such game players around here. Sounds like something that I could play with my two older teens, too!

  40. Christina

    Looks like loads of fun!

  41. Sheryl

    Consider me entered into this contest. Sounds like a really fun game. I want it~!

  42. Kate

    Gotta love a new word game!

  43. mom

    Yay! I was getting so tired of Trivial Pursuit because we played it so many times everyone knew all the answers!

  44. Jennifer Margulis

    My husband would love this. Pick me!

  45. Lee

    Fingers crossed!

  46. Lexiquin

    My family loves to play games; and, I especially love word games and trivia. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Jungabilbil

    No contest – I'd keep it for myself. It is about time for a great new game in my life.

  48. MyKidsEatSquid

    My kids LOVE games so I'd have to save it for us–then buy more for friends:)

  49. Anonymous

    This game looks Luke my kids and I would have alot gun playing.

  50. hilary

    We love games in this house!

  51. Kimberly Wood

    would be fun to play this on New Year's!!!

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