Meet Weight Watchers’ Newest Columnist

About a month ago, I casually dropped into a post the news that I’d landed a gig writing a column. I didn’t give details, because until I saw the darn thing in print I was afraid to jinx things. (I know, that’s insane, especially since I’ve already written the first three.) But the mail just came, and here it is!

Starting with the January/February 2011 issue, I’m writing a column for Weight Watchers magazine called “Can This Dieter Be Saved?” Each column will present a thorny (but typical) problem faced by one dieter, and provide advice on how to resolve things and stay on track. Given my own long history with weight loss, and Weight Watchers in particular, it seems like a pretty good fit for me.

Unfortunately WW doesn’t put the content of their print magazine online so I can’t link to it. But if you see a copy on the newsstand, turn to page 34 and there I’ll be.