One-Handed Meals: Garlicky Pepperoni Parmesan Pinwheels

It seems like eons ago, but some of my clearest memories of Harry’s first weeks on earth are of me carrying him. Or Stephen carrying him. (At the time, I referred to our boy as “a very sweet, very lovable pair of handcuffs.”) The bouncy seat might buy us 20 minutes, the swing another 20, but mostly he needed to feel the warmth of a human being, encircling him. (The sling, it turned out, comforted him a little too well, to the point where he was conked out so hard we couldn’t rouse him. Cue panicked call to the pediatrician…) If you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about. That’s why I came up with a bunch of one-handed meals—sorry, not things you can cook with one hand—simple, filling dishes you can eat with one hand, so the other one’s free to hold the baby. That admittedly unattractive little pup you see up there is one of them.

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Welcome to Parents Need to Eat Too {Giveaway!}

Things look a little different around here, don’t they? After seven years of blogging at Words to Eat By, the time has come for a little reinvention—not of myself, since I’ve been changing and evolving all this time. Of the blog. See, when I started Words to Eat By I was a publishing-industry burnout turned aspiring food writer, newly married and just starting to try for a baby (in fact, I’d already had a miscarriage, though I didn’t share that then). My first tagline announced what I intended the blog to be: Thoughts on Food, Writing, and Everything Else. But time did what it always does: It changed things. Me, mostly, going from an aspiring food writer to a real-live one, from an aspiring mom to an often frazzled, occasionally very nice mother of a five-year-old. And lucky for me, those two parts of my life have intertwined and combined and resulted in Parents Need to Eat Too, first as a cooking class for new parents, soon as an honest-to-god cookbook, and starting today as a blog.

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