Big Batch Bonanza on ABC News! (Baked Macaroni with Ricotta, Spinach & Mint)

Big Batch Bonanza on ABC News! (Baked Macaroni with Ricotta, Spinach & Mint)
debbie koenig, author of parents need to eat too, cooks on ABC News
Yeah, I played with the refrigerator magnets

One of my favorite chapters in Parents Need to Eat Too is called “Big Batch Bonanza”: a whole mess o’ recipes that make enough food to feed a crowd. Or feed a small group and freeze the leftovers. Which means that if you’re a new parent struggling to find your kitchen groove, you’ll cook once and have several meals. Among the relatively short list of things that are guaranteed to make me happy (chocolate, watching Harry sleep, Wobbly Plates, Maine), pulling a home-cooked dinner from the freezer, knowing that I won’t have to do anything more than reheat, ranks pretty high.

According to the army of moms who tested recipes for the cookbook, one of the best (and easiest) Big Batch choices is Baked Macaroni with Ricotta, Spinach & Mint. It uses just a handful of ingredients, but they’re combined in a pretty ingenious way (if I do say so myself). The producers at ABC News Digital were intrigued by it too, and invited me to cook it on-camera.

ABC News doesn’t let me embed the video here, so you’ll have to click over to see it. Yet another chance to check out a kitchen that’s not mine! One of Harry’s bestest buds lives in a new building here in Williamsburg, and his parents were kind enough to let us borrow their home for the shoot. The mom of another of his classmates is a makeup artist, and she donated her time to making me look purdy. Apparently, it takes a village to render my life camera-ready…