Parents Need to Eat Too

Scarier Than Ebola

I like to think I’m pretty brave, even as I wade through the muck of my own psyche. But right now, one thing scares the potholders off me. Can you guess what? Here it is: The thing that scares me more than ebola. (Psst... I’m now a proud blogger for ...
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The Imperfect Family Kitchen

Food writers are lying to you. In our quest to inspire people to cook, we offer images of glorious plates of food, dramatically lit, propped with carefully-chosen cloth napkins and color-coordinated dishes, with the most adorable little trail of crumbs to suggest that someone’s actually eating this slice of perfection ...
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Connecting the Fat Dots

The other day, Ellyn Satter called me “squirrely.” I was interviewing the dietitian and author for a story, and as we’ve done several times before, we wound up discussing my son’s challenging eating habits. Why, she wondered, did I devote so much mental energy to worrying about what he eats? ...
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