2 responses to “My First IMBB: In Which I Try to Replicate the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Entire World”

  1. Brehan

    Hello there! This is my first time on your blog, and it looks really wonderful, I am excited to try this recipe tonight.

    Just wondering… if you were to add nuts to these cookies, what quantity would you use and at what point in the baking process would you add them?


  2. debbie koenig

    Brehan, welcome! If you want to add nuts, mix them in at the same time as the chocolate chunks. I'd probably start with 3/4 cup and go from there, but I'm too much of a purist about my choc chip cookies: No nuts for me, ever.

    Also, there's a better version of this recipe here: http://wordstoeatby.blogspot.com/2004/12/best-homemade-chocolate-chip-cookies.html

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