Parents Need to Eat Too Paperback

Specifically designed for frazzled, sleep-deprived parents, every recipe in Parents Need to Eat Too: Nap-Friendly Recipes, One-Handed Meals & Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks for New Parents is nutritious, delicious, satisfying, and easy. As a bonus each recipe includes instructions for preparing baby food from the same ingredients. Plus every recipe has the added advantage of being tested by a group of more than 100 new parents. Inside you’ll find:

  • Meals you can eat with one hand
  • Recipes for the new parent’s best friend: the slow cooker
  • More ambitious recipes, broken down into simple stages to perform while baby naps
  • Big batch recipes, to cook once and enjoy several times
  • “Un-Recipes” for parents who can’t cook at all
  • Recipes that support breastfeeding
  • Advice from experts, including a pediatric dietitian and a lactation consultant

Here are real solutions for the real problems new parents face in the kitchen. Through comforting, honest, and essential help for stressed out, undernourished moms and pops, Parents Need to Eat Too ensures that, even when baby’s in the house, nobody’s going to go hungry.

  • “Even if you never make a single recipe from her book—a mistake, thank you—it’s certain to become a dog-eared bible. Reread that title. The book savvily and sassily helps you extend the efficiency of any time spent in the kitchen. It’s sorta the What to Expect After You’re Expecting for those who’ve, for the moment, forsaken duck fat to finance a college fund.”

    Leite’s Culinaria
  • “[Debbie is] smart and funny, and a terrific writer. Her first book is all about this challenge of feeding yourself and your family in the middle of new parenthood. She offers a fresh, lucid writing style, and smart solutions to things like meals you can eat with one hand, meals for the slow cooker, and meals to make while the baby naps. She looks at good things to eat while breastfeeding, and she offers tips for stocking your pantry.”

    The Kitchn
  • “An excellent baby shower gift (sneak a meal or two from the cookbook into the new parents’ freezer, too) and don’t forget to get one for yourself, too! In addition to providing an arsenal of time-saving recipes, Debbie Koenig writes the playbook for busy new (and not-so-new) parents to prep, cook, and serve healthy meals.”

    Kiwi magazine

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