4 responses to “The Tingly Fruit: Pomelo”

  1. Noha

    I actually just tried dried pomelo for the first time while vacationing in turkey. After eating several pieces I began to notice the same tingling feeling you described above. Interestingly, the others I was with who ate it also felt the same thing. That made me believe that it was less likely an allergic reaction. I have yet to find the answer, but I still eat it!

  2. Julie

    I’m very glad to find your post today! I had the same reaction as you, tingling lips and tongue, ran to the bathroom to look for signs of swelling. Called my friend to see if she had the same experience… So I will not worry, things will return to normal 🙂

  3. Sara

    I tried a yellow pomelo for the first time the other day. I only had a few spoonfuls and even though I can’t bare the bitterness of grapefruit this was very yummy. Sweet and tart. But I had a reaction as well. -.- A little worse though because my lips are still a little swollen and itchy a couple days later. I also have this reaction to mangos which I also liked. And other fruits such as tomatoes and avocados, I can eat but they may cause a little itching and even soreness of the tongue (like I bit it).I did a little research. I found out that proteins in fruit can be mistaken by your body for pollen that you’re allergic to, and it sends histamines to your mouth and causes this.It’s called oral allergy syndrome. Doctors can desensitize you by giving you tablets of the allergen to put under your tongue. http://www.livestrong.com/article/385067-itchy-mouth-after-eating-fresh-fruit/

  4. Koa

    I have this reaction to pomelo, but also to grapefruit! I noticed it first when I bought some Burt’s Bee’s chapstick with the pink cap — it’s grapefruit oil-infused. It smells great! But whenever I apply it, I notice my lips tingling. It’s never anything serious, but it does happen. I figured it was the oil. Today, however, I am tucking into a large grapefruit and the same thing is happening, and a little on my tongue. I doubt I’m allergic, since it’s so localized, but it’s interesting!

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