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  1. ymew88

    this is decidedly NOT my father's matzo brei… not at all…
    1 sheet of matzo and 1 egg per person; break the matzot & pour boiling water over them; let stand a few minutes and squeeze very well. break eggs, add salt & pepper and the matzot, cook in medium-hot pan with melted butter (ideally – in rendered goose fat but I haven't done this in eons!) &do not disturb until a bit of a crust forms, then turn over and cook the other side. crunchy on the outside, soft, but not soggy inside. I serve it with cinnamon and people add their own condiments (personally, I add no sugar into the brei but love to sprinkle some on mine)

  2. marv

    It sounds delish Debbie! I never did the matzo in the frying pan before the egg part – I am going to have to try that. David never told me about "Grandpa's matzo brei"! I am going to have to ask him now 🙂 BTW, my family version is totally different – just the egg and matzo cooked together. Then you add what you want – sour cream, jam, cinnamon, sugar.

  3. debbie koenig

    How funny–I told Harry all about Grandpa's matzo brei this morning. He was interested mostly because that Grandpa was named Harry.

  4. Anonymous

    In texas the mexicans make something like this called Migas. They use crunchy tortillas, salsa, sausage and cheese. Its soooo good. Never knew there was a jewish version.

  5. debbie koenig

    I love migas! Never connected it with matzo brei before, but you're absolutely right.

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