Parents Need to Eat Too

Must Be a Lot of New Year’s Resolutions at Play…

A curious thing happened here at Words to Eat By today: Several hundred people stopped by the site. Now, that in itself isn’t unusual at all. But what is unusual is what drove them here–a google search on “The Biggest Loser.” Who would’ve guessed that of all 3,190,000 sites that mention it, this little ol’ blog is #10. Yowza.

If you’re curious, I first blasted the reality show here. Later on, I confessed that I’d been won over here. I watched the second round just as avidly as the first and thought about blogging on it, but somehow never got around to it.

And I do think it’s adorable–and gratifying–that Matt and Suzy from round two are dating. I just wish Matt hadn’t cried quite so much on every single episode…

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