5 responses to “Parents Need to Eat, TooSM: Hail Mary Pasta”

  1. Amy

    I made this tonight and my 4 year old had 3 servings – he even ate most of the veggies! Very easy and very good.
    Now, a remedial question: on another blog where this recipe of yours was being discussed, there was a question of whether parm or parmesian reggiano was better, and you all agreed that the latter was better but more expensive. Now, here's the remedial part … um, I can't find that in my store. I found the shredded parm in 2 different parts of the store (both refrigerated sections with cheeses, one fancier than the other), but nothing labeled parm reg. Can you help?

  2. debbie koenig

    I'm glad it was a hit, Amy! Esp with your 4yo. As for the parm, it's a fairly fancy cheese. My local supermarkets don't carry it–I get it at the cheese shop, and just yesterday I noticed that they carry it at Trader Joe's. As fancy cheeses go it's among the most common, so I almost always see it at fancy food shops, too.

  3. Amy

    Thanks, Debbie! I'll check out Whole Foods or something.

  4. Melanie Harris

    Ho-lee CRAP! This recipe is amazing. I made it tonight and both my kids (who typically eat NOTHING— for real) devoured it. I added 6 large, thinly sliced button mushrooms to the tomatoes and zucchini and some fresh basil and oregano at the end. My son, who is 4, was hesitant at first as he generally avoids all vegetables, but after I told him I got the recipe from Iron Man’s mom and she made it last night when the Incredible Hulk stayed for dinner, he ventured a taste and ATE HIS WHOLE BOWL. My daughter was three penne noodles from done when she stopped eating, but I asked her to show her Cinderella spoon how to eat pasta and she, too, finished it all. (Clouds part, angels descend…). I’m still not entirely convinced that my real children weren’t stolen and replaced with changelings who eat, but I think it’s likelier that they just really liked the pasta. Also, I’m (half-assedly) doing WW and I calculated the points value using an entire 454 g box of penne noodles and 8 tbsp of parm (which yielded 5 servings) and each serving was worth 11 points plus. Which equalled 2 large bowls (satisfying my need to go for seconds). Major props to you, my hero!

  5. debbie koenig

    Melanie, first: You're hysterical! Thanks for making my day/week/month. And second: You're a genius! I'm totally stealing that "Iron Man's mom" bit.

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