6 responses to “Sick as a Dog”

  1. Frugal Kiwi

    Get well soon. I'm pretty sure Chook Soup posted from NZ would go off before it did you any good.

  2. Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

    Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear you're sick.

  3. Mia Harper

    Sorry to hear, I have been a follower of your site for sometime, have always wanted to see if you wanted to share links. I finally feel I can contribute to this post!!! Here is your chicken soup, http://www.easy-recipes.me/easy-recipe/chicken-and-broccoli-soup-165/, I have Italian wedding soup too!

  4. marthaandme

    Get better soon! It's been a rough fall for colds here too.

  5. debbie koenig

    Thanks, everyone! A bit better today, but still sick, for sure.

    Mia, thanks for finally commenting! Make it a habit, willya? I love hearing from readers. And that recipe sounds yummy.

  6. Tepary

    Hope you're fully mended now.

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