27 responses to “Parents Need To Eat, Too: Cooking Classes for New Parents, Starting Soon!”

  1. marthaandme

    What a great idea! I wish something like this had been offered in my area when my kids were little. It was so hard to find time and energy to cook, but I felt so much better when I did.

  2. oblio

    I took this class and it was amazing. I have never been much of a cook (more like Queen of the Take-out Menu) and this class taught me some great time saving strategies and how to make a series of delicious meals that have become staples for my family.

  3. Sheryl Kraft

    Wonderful idea. I too wish I had something like this when my children were very young. It might have instilled better eating habits in them and exposed them to more nutritious foods!

  4. oh_snap!

    Oh Debbie, These classes make me wish so badly that I was closer to you. I could use them, that's for sure (especially from an amazing cook like you)!

  5. Lee

    So when is that virtual cooking class coming? Inquiring minds in Pittsburgh want to know! I so need this class!

  6. Mrs. Bartleby the Skrivener

    I'm still using the techniques and recipes from this class! Debbie is a natural teacher and very generous with her knowledge. I loved this class and want a PNTET 2!

  7. kerry dexter

    what a great idea — for the parents and the kids. really nice organization, too, offers a great set of tools and ideas that'll last after the classes.

  8. Alexandra

    I like the idea that you leave class with the evening dinner. Learning to cook nutritious food sounds perfect for new parents. Wish these classes existed in my area!

  9. Susan Johnston

    I love that you welcome new parents as well as their babies. Sounds like a great series of classes!

  10. JB

    I am literally waiting for my next batch of NYC-based friends to become new parents so I can give them your classes as gifts. We could have seriously used this exact kind of help when we were new parents. Such a great idea!

    I also think a virtual class or book of some kind would be a great idea, so I can spread the love around those who don't live in the NYC area.

  11. Ruth

    To echo lots of other commenters — why wasn't this available when I needed it? It's a wonderful idea.

  12. Peggy Bourjaily

    Wish I'd had you when my daughter was an infant. Definitely going to pass this on to my new mom friends.

  13. Lyssa

    I wish I could take these. You should come teach a class in San Francisco! (Or, on second thought, maybe I need a kids-free vacation in New York.)

  14. Jesse

    Wow- I wish I could find something like this in LA. You should start a franchise business! Or maybe film some of your classes and put them online? Such a great idea, I'm jealous of the mamas living in NYC.

  15. Kristin

    I wish I could join the class. It sounds so perfect for my family. But I'm worried that commuting from Vermont might be a bit too far : (

  16. Bjetsey

    you mock us west coasters with these announcements! At least we have your blog. le sigh.

  17. Sara

    Love the image of the baby-wearing mamas cooking. It took until I had my second kid to figure out that I really could cook with the kids around. Wish I'd had this class three years ago!

  18. Jennifer Margulis

    These classes sound fantastic. I hope you can offer a West Coast version as well. You are so right that we parents need to eat too and to learn to cook well. Thank you for doing this. I'll be forwarding the link to my NYC friends!

  19. ReadyMom

    I agree with the others–I wish we had classes like these in Denver! Do you also offer homemade baby food making classes too?

  20. Frugal Kiwi

    What a fabulous service! So many people can barely boil an egg these days, so giving them skills instead of just recipes is what many people need. Nothing like that down here in New Zealand, sadly.

  21. Josie

    Please promise you'll share more snippets/recipes from class this go-around for those of us not in the NYC-area…I've learned so much from your blog already, and discovered at least three new go-to recipes!

  22. debbie koenig

    West Coasters: I would LOVE to come out there and teach a class. Maybe someday, soon.

    Josie, absolutely I'll write more about the class. Check back in a few weeks! (Or sooner, of course)

    Meanwhile, I just announced the class this morning and it's almost full already!

  23. Meredith Resnick - The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    What an awesome idea. I often hear new moms bemoaning the fact that no matter how much you hear that you have to take care of yourself, with a newborn you just can't help but be very focused on the baby. Your class sounds like the perfect middle point.

  24. Claudine M. Jalajas

    Awesome idea. Really. I'm going to forward to all the new moms I know. Or, better yet, the pregnant ones. Eating well is so important. I used to always lose SOOO much weight after children came because all I focused on was feeding them and had no time or energy or even IDEA of what to cook for myself.

  25. Amber

    Does your kitchen travel, Debbie? I'm in Los Angeles, but would LOVE a class like this. Especially the big batch cooking and pantry staples. I've always wanted to get into big batch cooking (and willing to buy another freezer if I got into it!) and my pantry is pretty sparse. I have no idea how to cook "simple" and "fast" from scratch.

  26. Jennifer

    I took this class, and since taking the class I pretty much haven't touched my take-out menus. I've become really comfortable making quick, easy and healthy meals with the ingredients I have around the house. And, I've also lost a bunch of weight…

  27. WordyDoodles

    This looks amazing. I would love to do something like this. Tell me you're bringing them to the Bay Area!

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