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Erasing All Doubt That I Ever Had a Future in Cake Decorating

Erasing All Doubt That I Ever Had a Future in Cake Decorating

This is from a kit, people. I can’t even console myself that it tastes wonderful and homemade.

Of course it didn’t help that Harry was eating the candy nearly as fast as I could get it onto the train.

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  1. Trust me, I've made many of these "holiday gingerbread in a box" things and it's next to impossible for ANYONE to make those things look good. You're piping out mortar-like frosting out of a giant plastic bag, what do you expect??

    I think it's lovely, and the personalization makes it extra special.

  2. From a kit or no, it's just so cute!!! And your icing writing is excellent. Baby girl's name would never have been legible.

  3. Now I will nominate you for mom of the year. Holy crappity poo poo! You're putting the rest of us to shame. Seriously, glad the kid loved the cake. I knew I would have. Be proud, mamma. You did good.

  4. That looks so fun to make! Where did you find the kit?

  5. I think it's cute. We make a gingerbread house from a box every year and my kids look forward to it so much – even at 17 and 11 they were totally into this year. It's about the experience.

  6. I am laughing. When I saw your title I thought what is she talking about? That gingerbread train looks amazing! It is very cute. Who cares how you made it? What matters is that you get to eat it.

  7. You guys! Thanks so much for making me feel better about this ridiculous train.

    DailyChef, it's from the King Arthur Flour catalog, but I'm pretty sure it's sold out–I tried to include a link but it wasn't there anymore.

  8. It's awesome!

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