14 responses to “Parents Need to Eat Too SM: Coming Soon to Bookstores Everywhere”

  1. Christine at Origami Mommy

    Fabulous news! I am very excited about your book. I have a 3 month old baby and we'd love to test any recipes you need tested once she starts solids!

  2. debbie koenig

    Christine, they're recipes for the grownups! With adaptations for solids-eating babies, when applicable. If you'd like to play along, now's the time.

  3. Tay


  4. Anne

    Oh, how fun! If you need a tester in Sweden, let me know. Titus is nine months now!

  5. DailyChef

    Congratulations! This is really great news and I'll be looking out for it!

  6. Holly

    I'm so excited about this book!

  7. debbie koenig

    Anne, send me an email! There's a "contact" link in the top menu bar.

  8. vantiganloos

    I'd LOVE to be a tester! We have a 6month old boy named David! FUN!

  9. debbie koenig

    Vantiganloos, please send me an email through the "contact" button on the home page. I'd love to add you to my testers!

  10. Sarah

    Congrats on the book. Thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you that your recipe for Lemony Broccoli and Chickpea Pasta is a regular and a favorite in our house. I got it from your site ages ago and now that we're parents, too, it is a go-to recipe for something delicious and filling and easy. Thanks!

  11. b

    Great idea- I have just been wondering how on earth I will manage to keep on cooking once #2 arrives!

    I'd love to test your recipes here in Portland, OR.

  12. Unplanned Cooking

    Congrats on your book! It took me about 5 years after we had kids to feel comfortable in the kitchen, so I'm sure your book will be a big hit.

  13. Fmpy

    I would love to test any vegetarian recipes you have! My daughter will be 3 in August

  14. debbie koenig

    Fmpy, you're welcome to join! I just need your email address–click the Contact button on the home page and you can send it to me.

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