4 responses to “Why Eating at Del Posto Is Like Eating in a Hotel Lobby”

  1. kati

    Re: #5. From this description, I picture Mr. Bean as the maitre d', which makes it much more awesome. 🙂

  2. Frugal Kiwi

    Sounds fully cringe-worthy. Ugh! Glad you got some chocolate truffles out of it anyway.

  3. papiano

    A bollito misto cart for and inch of cotechino and "guardaroba". Pretty pretentious baloney, I'd say. i live near Florence and haven't even seen all that…anywhere. "Real" Italians would think that was ridiculous.
    I think I would've heaved with the early Disney piano selections…you'd think they'd at least get a Juilliard student to play those chestnuts!
    Your review is priceless. I LOL.

  4. Anonymous

    You're absolutely right! I do really like the decor, but all the pomp and circumstance create a drum roll with minimal "Wow" moments. Rolling over a service cart for an appetizer is retarded. My issue with our dinner was that the food, which was hit or miss to begin with) took absolutely forever. Three and a half hours for a prix fixe is just too long, and we lost interest to the point that it was amusing. The breads were really good as I remember. But the place is off-the charts expensive (as expensive as Daniel, which is far superior) and the food was spotty, and the service just sucked. Inelegant and sloppy. Which is weird because it seemed like there were 10 people on the floor in suits. The coffee tartufo was great. That's the one thing that was truly memorable. And for $375 for two people, you just expect more bang for your buck.

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