11 responses to “Guest Post: Kiwi Kai, Bacon & Egg Pie”

  1. growfamilygrow

    Oh yeah! This is my kind of pie, but then I'm from Northern England where knackered use to have an additional connotation.

  2. Frugal Kiwi

    No sad horse stories, please! Glad you like the pie though.

  3. kati

    This looks great- easy, and only one dish!!

    I, however, have never used or purchased frozen puff pastry. What does one look for?

  4. debbie koenig

    Kati, look for puff pastry near the desserts in the freezer section at the grocery–Pepperidge Farm is pretty widely available.

  5. DailyChef

    I love the recipe, and all the links to non-American phrases so that we can figure out what is going on! 😉 Looks fantastic.

  6. KitschenBitsch

    It's like the culinary love child of breakfast, quiche, and pot pie! I am so excited about making this! (Can three dishes have a love child? Hm.)

  7. marthaandme

    This is terrific. I'm going to try it this weekend I think. Anything with puff pastry has to be good!

  8. sasasunakku

    I grew up eating this, made me a bit homesick for NZ (I'm in Austria at the moment and can't figure out which is the puff pastry in German) but great post!

  9. Janet

    I lived in NZ for 20 years and now back in Canada. I have a craving for the traditional Bacon and Eeeeg pie. LOVE your photos. now I know exactly waht to do. I am going to try one for Sunday lunch. Hope my fellow Cdns like it!!

  10. Lisa fletcher

    This is awesome!! Going to cook right now for dinner, instead of frozen veg I am going to put, very tiny spiced pumpkin and feta on bottom:-) Yumo!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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