8 responses to “Who Needs Expiration Dates?”

  1. Tia

    wow that's impressive! I keep my yeast in the freezer door too, so it's good to know the stuff lasts kept like that ๐Ÿ™‚

    I often notice that yogurt is good up to about 1 wk after the date printed on the pkg.

  2. Jesse

    Breastmilk! I have some year old milk in the bottom drawer that I'm saving for my kids's breakfast cereal/oatmeal if they get sick ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. debbie koenig

    TIa, I've noticed that too with yogurt. Though sometimes I'm not sure it's *really* still good since it already smells so tangy, kwim?

    Jesse: ha! How long does breastmilk last?

  4. jesse

    It lasts a really long time. Conservative estimates put it at 5 months, but most of the researchers and pump companies say it's good up to 12 months– even longer if it's a deep freezer. I say it's good til it ain't– kinda like your yeast! I worked too hard to get it and it is too important to my kids' health to just chuck it.

  5. The Little Foodie

    I just bought some of that yeast. HA! I hope it leaves my freezer a little faster, though, because yeast and baking powder die so fast here (in Hawaii) no matter where I keep it.
    I do love this yeast, though. So much better than my Costco purchases in the past!

  6. Carrietracy

    I have a jar of expired honey. What's up with honey expiring? Didn't they find some in the pyramids that was still edible. I totally just ignore it. It's not even weird or crystallized. Just completely fine, golden, liquidy expired honey.

    PS – Glad to find the blog's back!

  7. debbie koenig

    Jesse, that's tres cool re: how long it lasts. That stuff really is miraculous.

    Little Foodie, I wonder if it would help to double-wrap the package in aluminum foil? Either way, if mine's still good 5 years after expiration, I hope yours will give you at least a year!

    Carrietracy, that expiration date is a scam! My understanding is that honey does not expire, period. It may crystallize, but it's still good.

  8. Alexandra

    I do a lot of baking so, this is good to know! I threw out half a bag of yeast this spring, thinking it needed to be fresh. With the new bag I bought, I'll divide it in two and stash half in the freezer.

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