2 responses to “Guest Post Week: Denise’s Meatballs, #3”

  1. marthaandme

    Sounds great. I too bake mine in the oven. My mom used to make them in a saucepan with water about halfway up the meatballs. No idea why. They were too mushy that way I think. I also use turkey. But I add ketchup to mine! And onion or garlic. I love the visual of a pyramid of meatballs made by your grandma!

  2. Christina @ Spoonfed

    I've been a vegetarian for 19 years, so meatballs aren't on the menu these days. But growing up, my sister and I spent summers with our Italian grandma at the Jersey Shore. And I can still remember her pyramids of homemade meatballs, and the way my sister and I used to sneak them (cold!) from the fridge. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

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