6 responses to “Quick Pasta with Escarole & White Beans”

  1. Liz Anderson

    Yum! I made something similar to this last week. It was meant to be a shrimp pasta. But with a shrimp-disliking husband and a scallop-nomming preschooler, I made it with bay scallops in place of the shrimp. It was delicious. The green in that one was spinach, but I'm eager to try the escarole, which our kids haven't tried – yet.

  2. MarthaAndMe

    Wish I'd had your book when mine were babies. I had trouble with milk production too.

  3. Carrietracy

    I also made something similar:
    Spinach with Rotini, White Beans and Pasta.

    I'm not trying to make milk or anything here, but it is damn good.

    There's just something about that beans+greens+garlic. Yum.

  4. carrietracy

    Do you think this would work with Radicchio? I have some in the house right now that needs using.

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