10 responses to “A Cake for the Non-Baker: Pear Snickerdoodle Cake”

  1. DailyChef

    Looks amazing! I love pear desserts and snickerdoodles, so I bet I'd love the combination.

  2. Hannah @Cooking Manager

    Going to tweet this to a friend looking for an idea for ripe pears.

  3. debbie koenig

    Thanks, @DailyChef! I'm still in shock over how easy it was.

    And @Hannah, welcome! Loved your interview with Kris.

  4. mom

    Could you do this cake with apples or figs?

  5. marthaandme

    This sounds so good. I had no idea Beard was on tv that early! That's amazing!

  6. debbie koenig

    @mom (is that you, for real, mom?): Yes, you could add almost any firm, ripe fruit. As long as it pairs well with cinnamon…

  7. Christine

    Oh my, I spotted this at the perfect time. My baby is inconsolable today and yet I need to try to make some sort of snack cake for the other kids. Very appealing! I might make it with Asian pears, though Seckel pears sound luscious…

  8. mom

    Sorry Debbie; I am Mom of CarrieTracy at Hungry Hippo blog


    She has you on her blog roll and suggested I should take a look! She loves to bake and I hate to and she thought this post would be great for me. And it was! She also told me you did a lot of Weight Watcher stuff, which I NEED and she definitely does not (sigh). Anyway, I am glad she pointed me in your direction.

  9. debbie koenig

    Well, welcome, CarrieTracy's mom! There's a tag for Weight Watchers stuff–click on it and it'll call up a whole bunch of things for you. And feel free to ask questions, etc, any time.

  10. Paula/adhocmom

    You had me at ONE BOWL.

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