7 responses to “New Year, New Feature: Make Baby Food”

  1. Jenny M

    It has been ages since I have dealt with feeding babies (my babies are 17 and 14), but neither of them were crazy about store bought baby food. And once I tried it, I couldn't blame them. I started giving them what we were eating, mashed and cut small, and they did just fine. In fact they are both pretty adventurous eaters. They did go thru various picky stages as toddlers, but trust me, that passes.

  2. Melanie Rehak

    Oh this is great! Since I now have a new eater (who is eating everything in sight, including shirts, burp clothes, and several attempts at the cat's tail) in addition to my non-eater, I need all the help I can get.

  3. Anonymous

    Very exciting! I am due with my first baby next month and I would really like to try making my own baby food when the baby is ready for that stage. Thank you!

  4. Hasida

    Personally I have never bought ready made babyfood, just sort of rearranged our menu a little so that baby could eat with us. Both my kids started on bananas (instant baby food!) and thick veggie soups, the kind you puree anyway, we had ours hot and babies had theirs lukewarm, win win, and it was all stuff I would have made anyway. I think it's overall a much cheaper option and most babies (at least at this stage!) are so curious about trying new things, tastes included, that it works pretty well.

  5. debbie koenig

    So glad you all like the idea!

  6. Nicky at Not My Mother

    Fabulous idea, Debbie! I really want my baby to eat what we're eating, especially since she turns her nose up at the chicken-veg-and-rice mash I spent a weekend creating for her, but grabs at my fork whenever it's going by.

    Also, I love the second, slightly crosseyed pic of Harry. Bianca gives me that look sometimes from an inch from my face and it just melts me 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    I love your blog. We gave both our kids all the foods we were eating when they were babies (ok, one still is a baby – she is 18 months!). Our son who is now 6 used to gag at bananas, avocado, cheese, all kinds of things as a baby. He was and still is the pickiest eater – it's awful for a foodie mom like me! Our daughter so far gags at nothing and seems to like everything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, thanks for you baby food exerpt at the bottom of each page – I love it!

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