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  1. Toni

    I was made a traditional "man" meal by someone on a second date.(steak and potatoes) I was totally enthralled and wnet on to date him for 10 years. He only cooked one other time for me but in his mind he made many romantic meals.

  2. sarah

    My now-husband used to go to the grocery store on his way over to my house, get all the ingredients, and make me excellent veggie and cheese omelets all the time. I didn't realize until quite a while into our relationship that a) that was the only thing he knew how to cook and b) somehow once we were living together, he never ended up cooking again! So your story sounds QUITE familiar. 🙂

  3. Ellen

    My husband-to-be, although I didn't know it at the time, made me a great, simple lunch that totally impressed me.

    He made this amazing, yet simple, tuna salad using fruit-nut mix .Since I came from family where a tuna-sal-sand was always tuna, mayo and once in a blue moon, celery….this sweet and savory lunch was a revelation.

    Every bite had a different sensation, sweet dates, savory nuts, little bits of sesame sticks, such a new taste sensation. He put it in a pretty bowl and put crackers in a basket and it was just the cutest thing ever.

    My husband used to cook for us sometimes, but his work hours are so nuts, he never gets the chance anymore. I'll remember that lunch fondly always.

  4. Jesse

    My husband totally wooed me with his eggs. The man can cook a perfect omelette. And when he does it, there are usually sides of toasted english muffins, sliced tomatoes, Israeli olives and pickles, and hummus on the plate. It takes him an hour, but it's always worth it. I remember bragging about his eggs to my girlfriends when he and I first started dating, and now he's known in my family for those eggs. He doesn't usually cook much else, but the eggs have saved him.

  5. Totally Unique Treasures

    It was hamburgers for us. I had known my husband for a long time and worked with him quite often before we started dating. After Katrina, we started working more regularly with each other and had both just recently gotten dumped. I just happened to know where all the best burger joints in town were and he had never been to any of them and hamburgers are his favorite. So I guess you could say among other things my extensive knowledge of the best hamburger joints and taking him to them on our dates made a pretty good impression. However, I think the real reason he married me, is because I could make a burger much better than the best burger joints.
    We still hit the burger joints where ever we end up, just to see which ones are the best. I guess you could say, burgers are our thick and thin food, too. We have now been together for over 5 years with great things ahead.

  6. JoDee

    Sad to say my ex husband had only one thing he could really cook, that was bacon, he could get bacon crispier, than even my mother. The man was a veritable bacon frying god, and I knew he knew I was upset with him when he would make BLTs.

  7. growfamilygrow

    Valentine's Day, 2003.
    At the time I was a fish, no other meat, eating kind of girl. We'd been dating for a grand total of 2 weeks, give or take a few days. We were supposed to be going out to dinner, but then he calls and asks if I'd be up to having dinner at his house with his roommate/best friend and his girlfriend, both lovely people who we're still close to. Only problem? Our French chef was cooking lamb. Beautiful roast lamb with garlic and beans. I love lamb. So much for the semi vegetarian status I maintained for several years prior. It was exquisite. My honey cooks a fine piece of salmon and some not bad chili, but it is his friends', Christian, Chris G. and Chris S., cooking that wows me. I feel fortunate to be with someone with such excellent taste in friends.

  8. Jenny M

    Not food, exactly, but I was so impressed by how my date (now my husband of nearly 20 years) ordered wine on one of our early dates.

  9. Brit

    My now-husband first wooed me with a plate of stir-fried sea scallops and rice I later found out was out of a Trader Joe's package. Jerk (and I mean that in the most loving way).

  10. Z

    I think my mother-in-law wooed me with food. lol She is a great cook and loves to do it. Now though, I love it when hubby cooks breakfast. I am not a morning person and he makes great fried eggs with all sort of leftovers mixed in. Add a cup of coffee and its a great way to wake up in the morning! Yum.

  11. Jane

    When I met my now-husband, he had never been given the opportunity to try many different cuisines. He and I started trying lots of different foods, and now he's more adventurous than me, and tries to recreate our Indian favourites at home!

  12. hilary

    Venison. I was a vegetarian, slowing phasing back in to the meat-eating world, when we went to The Franklin Cafe in Boston on an early date. He ordered the venison and offered me a bite. I couldn't resist. Reader, I married him.

  13. Faith

    My boyfriend, and hopefully future husband, has always sworn that hes an amazing cook. When I cook for him he sits at the table like a food critic and gives me his review. Hes always made a point that his dream woman can cook well. He had a crush on Holly, the winner of Hell's Kitchen last year. Some of my proudest moments have been when I can cook a dish better than his mom or sister. Needless to say, hes a food snob and die hard foodie. Anyway, back to the part where he swears that he can cook well… One of the first times he cooked for me he made a big deal about making me spaghetti and meatballs from scratch with homemade sauce. He slaved over the stove all day and finally he unveiled his creation. It looked wonderful. I took a big bite and immediately my nose started to run and eyes were tearing. Lol, he added waaaaay too much red pepper flakes. I had to laugh over our "mexican spaghetti" and since then I've gotten a lot more praise over my food and my cooking has achieved the same level as his mothers and sistes.

  14. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    In your husband's defense, even we ambitious cooks have a few "signature" recipes that came from the back of a box. My husband's favorite meal/recipe is my penne vodka, which is so simple that even HE can prepare it (and that's saying A LOT! He's never been coy about the fact that he can't cook).

    And the fact that you can get someone to prepare Belgian waffles for you is quite the feat. A cooked-to-order waffle is one of life's great pleasures.

  15. Joanna

    I have an interesting parallel – my fiance made me, on our second date, pasta carbonara. I LOVE this dish – am part Sicilian and grew up in a family of cooks. He even had the pancetta. I learned, in dating him, that he makes this dish, and claims he can roll sushi and make cornish game hens. left to his own devices, he would eat chicken (boiled) and a sweet potato every night. Though I won't be wooed via the kitchen, he makes me cocoa and does the dishes. to this messy cook, that works, for now.

  16. Darcy

    We were long past the wooing stage, but Luke learned how to grill the most delicious salmon ever when I was miserable with morning sickness and only salmon appealed to me, even though he detests fish of all kinds.

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