7 responses to “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Carrie

    so excited to have you at blogher food! i'm hoping foodie mom, picky kid is also applicable to foodie me, picky fiance who eats like a kid 🙂

  2. debbie koenig

    Yay, so happy I'll see you there, Carrie! And I think it'll be applicable–it's not so much about how to get your kid to eat as it is about how to use those challenges as inspiration for your blog.

  3. Heather Jones


    Congrats, you've got some great things lined up. Got my Kiwi mag last week, love your story. "Go Debbie!". Hope to see you next time I make my way to NYC.


  4. debbie koenig

    Thanks, Heather! I'd love to see you, too–any chance you're going to BlogHer Food?

  5. Heather Jones


    Sadly not going to Blogher Food or IACP this year but will be at Greenbriar in September.

  6. debbie koenig

    Oh, I really want to go to Greenbrier! The only way that'll happen is if I manage to score another scholarship. Two years in a row seems unlikely in the extreme, though.

  7. sarah henry

    Kudos on the Kiwi cover, Debbie. I won't get to see you at your upcoming speaking engagements — and echo your sentiment re a Greenbrier scholarship. Good luck!

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