6 responses to “Food for Thought: 5 Ways Hurried Moms Can Make Math Easy”

  1. Carrietracy

    I love these idea Debbie. As an elementary school teacher I can absolutely verify that kids pick up and use these skills!

    Another thing to try:
    Fractions!! – talk about fair shares. I had one parent who cut her first grader's sandwich into different fractions each day when we were studying them. It was as easy as a flick of the knife, and the child was so excited by the equal parts.

  2. altdotanise

    Oh, this is SO true for my just-turned-6 year old! Last week, we were baking in someone else's kitchen, and couldn't find a 1C measure. She grabbed a 1/2C measure, thought for about half a second, and said, "Mom, we need 16 of these for the frosting!" I'm pretty sure I didn't grasp fractions and multiplication until I was in third grade. (Maybe I'll petition her first-grade class to add a cooking segment.)

    Between fractions when cooking, and percentages when dealing with money, her math skills rock.

    Which reminds me: hand your kid a couple of dollars and send them out on their own at a small farmers market. Not only is it good for their math, it's great for self confidence and people skills.

  3. debbie koenig

    Carrietracy, that sandwich-cutting idea is genius.

    And altdotanise, I love that story! As for the shopping, we've been working on that with Harry, but more in terms of helping him to understand that we actually, y'know, *buy* the things we have. Learning math will just be a bonus, I guess.

  4. growfamilygrow

    Awesome. Math and Science are around us everywhere. End Math Phobia!

  5. Suzanne

    I love how you break down the suggestion of introducing numeracy into manageable steps. The suggestions are simple and don’t require a chalkboard.

  6. edillo2

    as a college senior majoring in elementary education, I love this post! It is so so important to make math connections with children on a daily basis & incorportating them into regulary planned activities, they (& you) are getting the extra math practice and don't even realize it! Plus, the positive interaction and conversation with the child, will provide a positive connection to math leading the child to enjoy math instead of learning to despise it!

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