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  1. Kate

    You are doing great! So glad to hear you’ve been able to find some ideas that work for you and that you’re feeling better about it. Worrying about kids’ eating is just so easy to do, and you are so not alone in it. But it really sounds like you’re on the right track now. Brava!

  2. catmom

    Way to go!!! Well done! I want to add that Satter has several books as well as articles on her website. You might find some good things there that address older kids; I love Child of Mine, but I think she has more to say about older kids and the family in her other work.

  3. Louise

    Oh my goodness, this post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’m struggling with the same thing with my 4 1/2 year old. Definitely going to try some of the things you mentioned, and hopefully it will make the same difference for us! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Faith Nelson

    oh marvelous!!! I so understand the whole thing with a preemie and the pressure to make sure they’re eating ENOUGH – my 37 week old had intestinal surgery at a day old and we didn’t get her home for almost a month, and it seemed like we LIVED in the doctor’s office the first several months. That pressure throws everything about food right out the window at first, since it does nothing to help a sleep deprived, frazzled, worried mum.

    Even if you do nothing else, eliminating the pressure around food will help him as much as it does you. Peace at meal times is invaluable! Letting him enjoy the food of his choosing in an environment he’s comfortable in will leave him free to explore for himself. GOOD for you!


  5. Ellen

    Do you live in my house and I haven’t noticed yet? 🙂 I read this yesterday morning and felt so relieved that I’m not the only one tearing my hair out in frustration and then hating myself for it. My 3 year old will only eat apples, cereal, and leftover Halloween candy without some sort of power struggle.
    Last night I made an Italian seasoned chicken and veggie stir fry and a 10-grain rice blend pilaf. He had seconds of the stir fry and *gasp* THIRDS of the pilaf. The only thing he didn’t like was the asparagus. I like to think that your post made me more relaxed about the meal in general, which contributed to his agreeable appetite!

  6. Terry

    You’re doing great! Well done! We had lots of problems breastfeeding my picky picky eater too – but he’s been doing great since he went into high school. Things will keep getting better now that the pressure is off at dinner time.

  7. jennifer

    You are doing better than I am! I have been following your blog for a couple years to see if you have had any great break throughs with Harry. We are following a similar route. At this point, I let J choose what he wants for dinner; rice, hamburger, rice, bread with honey, rice. He also loves cucumbers and asks for them almost every day. We also follow every meal with fruit. Dinner time is much more relaxed and enjoyable at our house now. My one worry is that I send him to school everyday with a Special K protien bar, some fruit and a snack. Everything else we eat is organic or at least healthy and homemade. But I worry that he will be hungry at school so in goes the protien bar. I am torn between making sure he eats and making sure he is eating well. Oh and BTW child #2 eats EVERYTHING!

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  9. dana

    so glad you’re making progress! we went through the same thing with my daughter. then i read ‘first the broccoli, then the icecream’, by tim riley. it’s a parenting book, doesn’t deal exclusively with feeding issues, but it helped me see what i was doing wrong. i was enabling her, by having at least two dishes as backup when she invariably rejected dinner. so i just stopped. this is dinner, it’s all there is, if you don’t like it you’re excused. all calm and matter-of-fact. i also banned snacks before a meal. it took all of 5 days for her to eat whatever i offered. we don’t have a whiff of problem now. there are a few things she genuinely can’t stand, and i don’t push it – polenta or grits, or eggs; but for a kid who hated potatoes of any kind, we’ve come a long way!

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