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  2. Crunchy Con Mommy

    Yum! My husband will be thrilled when I make this…I think I’ll do it secretly and surprise him with it someday when he comes home from work 😉

  3. Sabrina

    I wonder how this would work with Soyrizo? Pork-eater that I am, I really like that stuff.

  4. Crunchy Con Mommy

    Ok stupid question: does it matter what kind of beer you use? We don’t drink and don’t keep alcohol on hand, so I’m going to be pretty clueless when I walk into the liquor department of the grocery store. And they will probably just laugh at me if I ask where the bottles of beer best for cooking are. Any advice???
    PS I found chorizo in the refrigerated section. No indication of Spanish vs Mexican (didn’t say smoked or fresh either)
    This culinary adventure is proving more exciting that I initially expected!

  5. Valerie

    Is there anything I can substitute for the beer? My husband is allergic :/

  6. lauralee

    My boyfriend and I just moved in to a new place and we only have a little bit of food chorizo being one of the things in my fridge I surprised my boyfriend when he came home from work he loved it I also used budweiser as the beer it turned out soo good def using it again thanks for the recipie

  7. Darryl Smyers

    Great chili!

  8. Moon

    What would you say if I tell you, [as a mexican] that chorizo substitutes are most commonly not of beef nature, but first chicken, then soy, last of turkey and almost never made of beef!
    Anyway, my favorite is made of soy and it’s sold in U.S. as Soyrizo. (various brands).
    I would think that if I use Soyrizo for making this recipe, I would have to lower the cooking time…. But how do you think it would mix with the beer?

  9. Daniel

    This might be a silly question, but is there a specific type of onion I should chop up to put into the chili while cooking? I saw red onion in the bottom as a topping, but I wasn’t sure if there is a certain type more suitable for cooking chili? Also I’m considering using a robust porter for the beer ingredient. If you’re not familiar with the porter style, it’s a beer with rich roasted malt flavors and a bit smoky. Do you think this might be suitable addition instead of a lager style beer like Budwiser/Corona?

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