8 responses to “I Quit”

  1. Christine

    I hear ya! I tried to resign last week due to the very same hostile workig environment…Finally, after a few days of…pasta with fresh tomato and pesto…nah, Spring veggie couscous with marinated & grilled chicken…again? How about meatloaf and buttermilk garlic smashed potatoes…really??? I had it! So I told my daughter I was tossing my cell phone, packing my bags, and running away…to which she replied, “but wait, so what ARE we having for dinner?!” Le sigh…I figured they probably micro-chipped me while I was sleeping and would track me down to feed them…

  2. Paula Hartson

    I love it! My little one hasn’t started eating solids yet, but from what all my Mom friends tell me I have this to look forward to. I myself was a picky eater too. So I would like to apologize to my Mom. I know she tried her best. 🙂

  3. TheUrbanMum

    Fabulous post & letter. Left you a comment over at the Huffington Post. You said beautifully what we all feel – now we have resigned as Chief Cook, how do we follow suit as the Bottle Washer, Clothes Sorter, Sibling Referee – et al?x

  4. Amy @ A Little Nosh

    I so needed to read that today. My 4 year old won’t eat CHICKEN anymore, unless it’s breaded and formerly frozen. We don’t eat red meat or pork in our house, and he won’t touch fish, so last night he had rice and green beans for dinner while we had maybe the most delicious chicken I’ve ever made. Bah!

  5. Mercy

    I’m suffering from 3 picky eaters. I told them the other day that I don’t know why I bother making nice meals for them – they are happiest with plain, bland food i.e. chickpeas, rice and carrot sticks they will polish off. If I put the chickpeas in a sauce, they pick them out and fuss the whole time. If I put it over the rice, they hardly touch it.
    If it wasn’t for my hubby needing to eat, I would just always serve them plain food.

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