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  1. Rhea

    But isn’t growing food a step in the process of preparing food? (: After my sister’s son turned a year old, they moved into a large farmhouse. She recently figured out that with all the gardening she’s been doing, and the chicks she’s raising, that she’ll qualify for some homesteading tax reductions. Spread the news – Gardening doesn’t just save you money on what you don’t buy in the store, it has the possible benefit of of leaving you satisfied and leaving you with a bigger tax return. Just a thought. (:

  2. Pamela

    Hi Debbie! FYI-There is a frost expected tonight. So I’d wait to put your seedlings into the ground. I’m no expert but I think you’re supposed to “harden off” the seedlings gradually. Also, my hunch is that you are early on the tomatoes. With this frost coming tonight I sort of wonder if the old (pre-SUPER WARM 2012) gauge of April 15th as the first planting is still valid? Good luck and keep us posted.

  3. meri

    We use these trays every year. I keep them indoors till there is no fear of frost. They sit on my counter and tables for about a month, month and a half. The more they grow the more sturdy they will be when you plant. Keep them in the trays and take off the cover if they are getting to big. I usually put them outside on hot days to get some sun. Good luck! We are starting out seedlings today:-)

  4. Ellen

    I’m in the Midwest, and the general rule of thumb is don’t plant outside until after Mother’s Day. Some cooler weather plants (lettuces and beans happen to be!) can go a little earlier and be ok. The really nice thing about pots is that if there is any worry that it will be too cold, you can haul them in for the night and put them back out during the day. 🙂

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