6 responses to “On Buying Organics”

  1. stee

    To be honest, I don’t buy organic. It’s more expensive. It doesn’t taste any better. I have a hard time in general paying farmer’s market prices because it’s 4x the supermarket price. Except for tomatoes. Nothing beats summer tomatoes.

  2. Reynaul

    Great article! I make my 10 month olds baby food but if I buy any commercial food it’s always organic! He likes the Plum organics brand a lot. I also have the EWG app on my phone and use it whenever i go to the store.

  3. Amanda Kendle

    Interesting stuff – I don’t usually buy organic (mainly cost and organisation issue) but have been considering it more – and the idea of at least avoiding the “dirty dozen” (or getting them organic) seems more manageable.
    A quick question though – I’m in Australia – do you think there would be any striking differences in such a list for Australian produce? Any idea?

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