4 responses to “Organics & Parents”

  1. stee

    I wasn’t buying organics before that article. I think organic is definitely a parent-driven market.

    In my personal experience, the organic veggies didn’t taste any better than the regular old veggies. I also found that many of the organic veggies spoiled in a day or two compared to the non-organics that last for about a week in Tupperware FridgeSmart containers. I cannot justify spending more money for less value.

    During the summer I try to buy the good seasonal stuff (tomatoes, corn, berries) at the farm stand. Not because I’m all trendy localvore blogger but because it tastes better.

  2. stee

    Debbie, I’m ok with more chemicals in conventionally grown food if it means being able to use the veggies bought on Friday afternoon can be used for dinner on Monday and Tuesday.

    I just can’t go to the supermarket 3x a week. I work 9 hours with a 40 minute commute each way and go to the gym before I get home to make dinner. I need to shop once, cook 3x and repurpose leftovers 1x.

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