6 responses to “Sanity-Saving, Last-Minute Dinner Trick”

  1. Julie F.

    These look awesome. Are they in grocery stores now? Where would you find them in the grocery store? I’m desperately in need of some quick dinner ideas for anytime, not just Thanksgiving week.

    I also love your idea of tossing veggies in the pan once the chicken is done cooking. I hate dirtying more dishes than what is necessary.

  2. Jen Ellsworth

    I don’t really see the point of these. Why not just use butter and dried lemon pepper seasoning or bottled lemon juice and pepper which gives a different flavor. Making chicken like this was dinner once a week when my daughter was newborn, but I just used olive oil and dried lemon pepper. Easy, tasty, and done in 10 min. I usually served it with baked potatoes and steamed veg.

  3. sarah


    I’m all for the zero thinking options since having my little one especially now we’re in cold season aka no sleep til Spring! My sleep deprived stupid question is how do you reheat frozen rice. Have never frozen rice before but sounds like a genius time saver.


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