8 responses to “Passover and the Picky Eater”

  1. Alice McGovern

    I was wondering if exceptions can be made for children during Passover. Just curious. I have two extremely picky eaters, but they are severely autistic, so that’s sort of the least of the problem! Best wishes. This is probably too late, but have you ever baked with almond flour? I suppose it might not work un-leavened.

  2. stee

    maybe he’s got a week of smoothies to look forward to?

  3. Dew

    Isn’t yogurt off the list (yeast cultures?) and shouldn’t the almighty French fry be on? Chag sameach!

  4. Amy

    I am not Jewish, but aren’t fishsticks breaded? I don’t know the rules, but are there rice and other low carb pizza crusts you can make? George Stella makes a great pizza crust from soy flour and club soda. Its really good. I can email you the recipe if you like.

    I am looking into your cookbook, just found you via another website. Love your recipes.

    Will your son eat baked potato with cheese?

    My daughter is my picky eater. she lives on PB&J.

  5. Jo

    Hi, sorry this is late. Have you tried making chicken nuggets using matzah meal instead of bread crumbs? That’s how I do Passover chicken schnitzel, and it’s not so different. I think we also get a little healthier, since I do more vege stuff. Squashes, sweet potatoes, and we tried a few more Charoset recipes this year, so we definitely ended up eating more veges than normal.

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