8 responses to “Noodle-Free Vegetable Lasagna”

  1. Karin

    I love that you post what Harry eats — my kid would approve. 🙂

  2. Jayne Telfer

    That looks wonderful – I have Harry times 3 in my house – 2 boys and a husband who are picky each in different ways – drives me crazy!! Love your blog!!

  3. Lisa

    Hi Debbie,
    Don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog awhile ago but I enjoy reading your adventures. My kids( three sons) are all grown with their own families now but I wanted to let you know that your book and blog impressed me so much that I am giving this book as a baby shower gift from now on! I gave it to my nephew and his wife a few weeks back and they LOVED it. The card they sent me said they’ve been reading it, enjoying it and cooking from it! Baby has arrived, 1.5 weeks old now! And also, I gave one to my daughter in law who lives 12 hours away and is newly-pregnant as a “Happy New Pregnancy” book! She has an 18 month old so I know she is going to get a LOT of use out of it.

    Thank you for writing so down-to-earth and sharing your knowledge and experiences with so many.

    Lisa(gramma to three–and counting)

  4. Ed Monie

    I can’t find the “PRINT” button. Are you here to help or frustrate? What’s the big secret?

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